Monday, December 15, 2008

No real post

So my plan for the weekend was to play soccer on Saturday morning, come home, shower, eat, go to bus station and catch a bus to Busan to visit my friend for her birthday. In actuality, my Saturday went a little like this, play soccer, come home, not feel well, lay down for a bit, go and get some food to try and make me feel better, then go and lay down for a couple hours and decide not to Busan. I did end up feeling better and the weekend wasn't a complete wash but at the same time, nothing too big.

Lastly, a few people have been asking about my address and I haven't been able to respond, until today that is. If you need to send me something, sending it to my hagwon will be best:

Ulsan Myeon Cheon GnB Institute
127-7 Myeon Cheon Dong
South Korea
Attn Chris Sepe